Kenapa orang tidak membaca blog anda?


Ini adalah email dari Yaro Starak kepada saya. Saya ingin kongsikan kepada pembaca semua agar bermanafaat dan sama-sama blogging buat duit di internet ni. Selamat membaca dan cuba kita buat bersama-sama.

"If you just started blogging
chances are you don't have
many readers, if any at all.

If you are wondering what you
are doing wrong and what you
need to do in order to build an
audience, this newsletter will


Hi Naim,

Why is it that some bloggers have all the traffic
and others are lucky if they have about 10
visitors per day?

You may write regular content for your blog but
because no one reads it, you feel like you are
wasting your time.

All blogs are not created equal. Guy Kawasaki
started a blog and a few weeks after launching he
had over 4,000 daily readers. So what made him

Guy is a famous author and business speaker so he
had the benefit of lots of other bloggers and
media spreading the word about his blog for him.

Chances are you don't have the same advantage as
Guy. I didn't, I had to earn my blog traffic the
hard way.


Blogging is like starting your own print
newsletter or "fanzine". First you put the hard
work in, gather a collection of articles, images
and other content and launch your new publication.
Once the first issue is ready it's time to get
out there and show it to everyone.

You won't have a marketing budget or the benefits
of a public relations officer drumming up free
publicity for you. You have to do all this for
yourself. You wear all the hats for your blog -
author, publisher, marketer and public relations.

This is why a lot of bloggers fail. You produce
good content but you don't know how to MARKET
your blog.

Most bloggers do not know where the best places
are to drum up traffic and instead use "shotgun"
tactics - haphazardly shooting for traffic all
over the place using as many random methods as
possible with no thought into exactly what is the
smart way to get traffic.

No methodology. No process.


The first step to build blog traffic is accepting
the fact that you will have to *work* for your
traffic. No one is going to do it for you. No one
is going to help you. Your blog is your baby and
you are a single parent, solely responsible for
its growth.

Are you okay with that? Do you accept the burdens?

Yes? Good! Okay, let's move forward.

Blog traffic building begins, just like a
magazine, by creating something worth reading. You
would never go out and hand out copies of your
fanzine if it had only one or two articles in it.

Before we even talk about finding readers for your
blog you have to ask whether the readers you are
chasing will read your blog once they get there.

Is your blog AMAZING? Do you have great content?
Do you even know what great content is?

Take a good look at your blog and review whether
your starting content is worthy enough to capture
and retain the attention of readers.

If you just switched the "on" button for your
blog then there is only one thing you need to
worry about. Forget about traffic. Sit down, get
your writers hat on and start writing articles.

If you haven't done so already, cover at least
these topics before properly launching your blog -

1. Your About Page

Who are you? What you are blogging about and why
would a person want to read your blog? What is in
it for them?

Talk about the BENEFITS for your readers, NOT the
features of your blog.

2. Your Contact Page

You need a contacts page because you want to make
it easy for your readers to get in touch with you.
If possible, include a nice smiley picture of your
face on your contacts page, to make your blog more

Other possible contact details you might want to
include in your contact page:

- Phone number (if you are comfortable with this)
- Mailing address (ditto)
- Skype, MSN Messenger or
Google talk contact details
- A link to your Linked-In,
Facebook or MySpace profile
- Your
Twitter, StumbleUpon or Digg profile

You can place anything you feel comfortable making
available to the public on your contact page.

You can see my combined contact and about page

3. Pillar Articles

I'll discuss the concept of "pillar articles"
in more depth in an upcoming email newsletter, but
for the moment you need to start working on some
nice, fat, juicy, meaty...okay, you get the
picture - SOLID articles.

Something substantial. Something worth reading
that teaches your audience about the subjects
relevant to your blog topic. Not just news reposts
from other websites. This is ORIGINAL content from
your mind.

Be creative, be interesting, be inspirational and
demonstrate these elements through your blog


Do you know what a pre-launch is?

A pre-launch is what you do before you *launch*
your blog. You take certain actions and set up the
foundations at your blog before you tell anyone
about it.

The purpose of a pre-launch is so you don't go
wasting time marketing your blog to build traffic
before there is anything there. There's no point
trying to sell an empty book.

I tell my blogging students not to bother looking
for traffic in the first month of blogging. Your
blog may be online, but it's better if people
don't know about it until you get something there
worth reading. Once the content is in place and
you finish all the pre-launch activities, then you
can officially "launch" and get the word out
about your blog.

Knuckle down, work on your pre-launch and you will
be ready and confident when you start to drum up
your initial traffic that the new readers you
attract will stick around and not immediately
click away from your blog.


If you need help with your blog pre-launch and
want to know what steps to take during the first
month of creating a new blog, I have a private
blog training program you can join.

My mentoring course is called Blog Mastermind and
provides a step-by-step guide to take your blog
from zero to hero, explode your traffic and build
a solid income stream, so you can quit your job
and earn a full time income from blogging part

During the first month of Blog Mastermind I
provide you with lessons that reveal the common
mistakes most new bloggers make and how you can
avoid their fate and launch your blog with all the
right elements in place.

I've helped over 700 students successfully launch
blogs. Here's some feedback I received from one of
my students -


Where do I begin? I started getting into the idea
of blogging from a friend of mine who earns a
decent living from running websites and the one
piece of advice he gave to me was to learn as much
as possible. Whilst I have used many resources to
assist my blogging process, yours has been the
easiest to understand and the most informative".


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